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What do you see in these two images? Is this really the world you want to live in? Is this really what your religion teaches you?

Masked cowards hiding behind religious symbols. Acronyms like ISIS and KKK that represent the thuggish nature of these groups.

The KKK killed mostly Christians that were excluded from their "Christianity" by being colored or loving colored people.

ISIS kills mostly Muslims that are excluded from their "Islam" by being averse to their depraved claim to authority.

Both groups manipulate scripture to fit their twisted agendas. Both groups claim to fight in the name of God.


The "Islamic" extremist will respond and call me an apostate and a hypocrite. He'll say how can you compare the Muslims to the "Kuffar!" I say your actions resemble the actions of the worst of all people, and you're no less evil than the evil imperialism you claim to be fighting. You fight in the name of MY religion. You are the cancer to the Ummah. You are the ones killing people who testify with the testimony of "La ilaha ilAllah" that you proudly display on your flags but contradict with your actions. You are the ones only further endangering innocent Muslims around the world by your sick actions which are wrongly assigned to them. The blood of that innocent Muslim woman attacked in the streets in the West is also on your hands because you provided the propaganda that was used to dehumanize her. Don't lecture me about Bashar Al Assad or American/Russian bombs over Syria and Iraq. I spoke against those before your group was even born and will continue to do so. Your actions only continue to provide justifications for those bombs to keep falling and taking the lives of innocent people who want nothing to do with you.

The Islamophobe will say how can you compare the KKK to ISIS when one group is rising in numbers and the other group is an afterthought? No one still kills in the name of Christ, but they do in Islam they say. Christianity solved it's problems in the middle ages but Islam still has issues they claim. First of all, the KKK has over 5000 members today in the United States. And it is in the name of the white supremacy which they champion, that more people have been statistically killed than in the name of Islam SINCE 9/11. More black churches were attacked in the 1990s than the 1960s in this country. Do I need to bring up Charleston and the 11 black churches attacked the week after in 2015? And just because you haven't heard about it around the world, people still kill in the name of Christ today. In the Central African Republic, Christian terrorists Mass behead Muslims today, have burnt down thousands of mosques, and have done it all in the name of Christ. Here at home a couple of days before San Bernardino, an abortion clinic was attacked leaving 3 people dead and several injured in Colorado by a man claiming to act in the name of Christ. In Myanmar, Buddhist extremists have tormented Muslims for years as the world has watched in silence. When you validate the hijacking of our religion by extremists, you only further empower them. Your bigotry is used as material for them to attract and radicalize isolated young Muslims. You prove their central thesis; that America is at war with Islam. That they don't want you there. They want to patrol your neighborhoods and put you in internment camps. Dare I say, YOU are more responsible for the existence of ISIS as an Islamophobe than I am as a Muslim because you give them the hatred they need to exist.

As you all clash with one another and put the world at risk with your reckless words for the sake of material gain, know that your bigotry will be rejected. Your extremism will consume you. The world will shun you. History will remember you as racists and hate mongers. And the God you claim to fight for will hold you accountable for manipulating His scripture and endangering His creation.

May He allow us to be a people who fight injustice with justice, and cruelty with mercy. Ameen